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COVID-19 Vaccines

These hands-on, scenario-based lessons have been designed to increase students’ understanding of COVID-19 vaccines. Hands-on lesson components are easy to prepare and can be done with inexpensive supplies. 

Resources for each lesson include:

  • A teacher guide with an answer key and information on how to prepare for the lesson 
  • Student handouts
  • PowerPoint slides

These lessons were developed with funding from Science Education Partnership Award R25GM132758-03S1 from the NIH National Institute for General Medical Sciences.

At Risk for COVID-19?

This lesson is designed to promote student conversations about the importance of COVID-19 vaccines for protecting the people around them.

Not Vaccinated?

This lesson is designed to promote student conversations to overcome vaccine hesitancy.

How Do mRNA Vaccines Work?

This lesson engages students in interpreting text and illustrations to make models that show how mRNA vaccines work to prevent COVID-19 infections.