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New LSLC Field Trip Programs in Development

New LSLC outreach programs are in development as part of our new project, One Health Education: Connecting Humans, Animals, and the Environment, funded by our NIH Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA). Our new LSLC case-based activities and lessons will increase students' awareness and understanding of One Health concepts: connecting human, animal, and environmental health to improve all health. LSLC One Health Field Trips will align with Next Generation Science Standards, and aim to begin in the early part of 2020.

LSLC Field Trip programs for middle and high school students take place at our fully equipped teaching laboratories at the University of Rochester Medical Center. LSLC Fiestudent with plateld Trip programs include a variety of hands-on lab experiences and engage students in solving real-life science problems. Students utilize science inquiry processes, practice basic lab skills, and gain experience with technologies such as microscopy and agarose gel electrophoresis.

LSLC Field Trips are 3 hours long. Cost varies by program and class size. Please note that students do not stay for lunch.  Please review the LSLC Policies page for important information regarding all Outreach Programs.

Sign up for our LSLC Field Trip lessons HERE. Registrations are on a first-come first-served basis. A member of the LSLC staff will contact you after your online form has been submitted. Secure your LSLC lessons early while dates are available. Confirmed trips are posted to the online calendar.

Information on former LSLC outreach programs can be found by clicking on the Previously Available LSLC Field Trip Programs webpages.

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