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Kidney Crisis

Diagnosing Diabetes

Students learn about Type I and Type II diabetes. They conduct a simulated glucose tolerance test to determine whether a patient has Type I or Type II diabetes.

Diagnosing Diabetes Teacher Guide
Diagnosing Diabetes Student Guide

Kidney Dialysis

Students model diffusion in a kidney dialysis machine and explain how a dialysis machine maintains homeostasis.

Kidney Dialysis Teacher Guide
Kidney Dialysis Student Guide

Kidney Donor

Who is the best living kidney donor for a patient? Conduct and analyze simulated urine, blood, and tissue typing tests.

Kidney Donor Teacher Guide
Kidney Donor Student Guide

A Kidney Problem?

Students analyze a simulated urine sample and use models to illustrate normal and abnormal kidney function.

Kidney Problem Teacher Guide
Kidney Problem Student Guide

Kidney Rejection

Read and answer questions about organ rejection and treatments to overcome transplant rejection.

Kidney Rejection Teacher Guide
Kidney Rejection Student Guide

Use a bioethical decision-making model to consider possible courses of action for patients and potential donors. Teacher Guide Student Guide Slides

Winning the Waiting Game

Explore the pros and cons of using an online service that matches organ recipients with living organ donors.

Winning the Waiting Game Teacher Guide
Winning the Waiting Game Student Guide