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Medical Humanities

Image credit: Gerrit Dou,
The Dropsical Woman (detail), c. 1663,
Oil on panel, Musee du Louvre, Paris

What is Medical Humanities and Why Does It Matter?
by Stephanie Brown Clark, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Division of Medical Humanities & Bioethics

Interactive Website Designed to Enhance Observation
Designed to enhance skills of observation in ways that can be translated to the clinical setting

Medical Humanities Making the News!
More Pre-Med Students Opting for Health Humanities Programs

The Division of Medical Humanities and Bioethics is an interdisciplinary group drawn from the healthcare specialties and the humanities. Its application of humanities (history, literature, philosophy, visual arts, music, theatre, studies in culture, religion, disabilities and gender) and bioethics (philosophy, law and clinical ethics) to the practice of medicine and the care of patients is a part of the University of Rochester's traditional consideration of the social and ethical contexts of medicine.

“The spirit of Humanities is the greatest single gift in education.”

       ~ William Osler, The Old Humanities and the New Science, 1919.

Division of Medical Humanities and Bioethics
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