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Medicine in Psychiatry Services (MIPS)

The department of Psychiatry is unique in that it runs its own specialized medical services provided by a team of nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians who provide acute hospital-based and primary medical care. MIPS provides:

  • Acute medical care to adults in two specialized medical units:
    1. The Inpatient Medicine in Psychiatry unit
    2. The Substance Use Medical Management, Infection Treatment and Support (SUMMITS) unit
  • Medical evaluation and consultation to adult patients admitted to the inpatient psychiatric units
  • Primary medical care for patients who are part of the MIPS clinic
  • Close collaboration with social workers, pharmacists, peer-specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors

Inpatient Medicine
in Psychiatry (IMIP)

A specialized medical unit providing acute medical care to adults with mental illnesses.


Medicine in Psychiatry Service - Primary Care

Patient-centered primary care for adults who suffer from mental illnesses. 


Substance Use, Infection Treatment and Support (SUMMITS)

A specialized unit providing acute medical care to adults with substance use

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MIPS Division