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COVID-19 Mental Health & Wellness Resources

For hospital guidelines and updates on COVID-19, visit URMC's COVID-19 informational page.

Patient & Family Resources

Please visit our Patient and Family Resources page for local and regional community resources.

Coping Advice from Our Experts

We have compiled a list of helpful resources for our patients and their families. 

Helping At-Risk Individuals

  • In April, Anthony Pisani, PhD, alongside Christine Moutier, MD, Chief Medical Officer at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, hosted an international panel discussion on suicide prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel included experts from four continents, including our very own Yeates Conwell, MD and addressed how organizational and healthcare leaders can keep their eyes on suicide prevention while also attending to other pressing needs and concerns.

Supporting Older Adults

Managing the Situation with Your Children

Community Conversations

  • Aparajita “Tuma” Kuriyan, PhD, Linda Alpert-Gillis, PhD, Brianna Daniels, LMHC, Jason McDonald, Parent Representative, and Fabienne Bain, PhD from The Baker Center for Children and Families presented a Community Conversation discussing What to Expect when Looking for and Getting Behavioral Health Services for Children and Teens. 

Fighting Isolation

  • Kimberly van Orden, Ph.D. discussed the importance of social connection and how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques can be used to promote a sense of belonging and connection.


Managing Legal and Health Needs

  • Catherine Cerulli, JD, PhD joined a group of attorneys, doctors and ethicists to discuss and create a one page working document that could help individuals understand what their legal and health needs are to prepare for COVID.