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Volunteers Needed: Participate in a COVID-19 Study

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Our researchers need individuals of all ages to join COVID-19 research studies. You can be part of important studies to help our community recover. 

We are conducting 4 types of studies:

COVID Vaccine Study

Compensation: $500 - $900

Participation Requirements

  • Age 6 months and older
  • Previously vaccinated and unvaccinated participants

Family COVID Study

Compensation: Up to $125

Participation Requirements

  • Family members of any age can participate as long as there is at least 1 child (birth to 18) within the household
  • Participants welcome regardless of COVID-19 vaccination or infection history

Natural History Study

Compensation: $50/visit

Participation Requirements

  • Age 18+
  • Positive for COVID or fully recovered

Mother and Infant COVID Study

Compensation: $600 - $900

Participation Requirements

  • Mothers 18+, or women who are pregnant or postpartum, and their infants