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Monroe Mobile Crisis Team

The Monroe Mobile Crises Team is a mobile psychiatric emergency team for individuals and families within Monroe County who are experiencing a crisis in mental health. Its services are designed to divert individuals who are not at risk of harming themselves, as well as their families, from the county’s psychiatric emergency departments. A team of mental health professionals go to the individual or family in their home, place of employment, school, etc. There are no age restrictions. Services provided include:

  • Mobile crisis intervention/stabilization
  • Mental health assessments
  • Rapid linkage and/or re-linkage to treatment providers
  • Interim/bridge mental health treatment
  • Mental health transport
  • Respite housing when available
  • And more

Individuals and/or family members should only call Lifeline (instead of going to the Psych ED) if:

  • The mental health crisis does not include suicidal risk
  • The individual is willing to be seen in the community – either at home or a neutral location
  • Additional support is needed to manage a crisis situation
  • Referrals are needed or desired for services/supports in the community