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Saturday, July 20:  All UR Medicine facilities are open as scheduled and providing safe patient care, with a goal to return all clinical services to full efficiency by early next week.
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8:00 AM

ePosters Viewing & Networking


10:00 AM

Opening Remarks and House Keeping

Awad, Schwarz, Rubery

10:15 AM

The CMSR:  Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going

J Edward Puzas, PhD


Pre-Doc Rosier Awards Finalists

10:45 AM

Investigating Murine Joint-Draining Lymphatics: Lineage Tracing and Single Cell RNA Sequencing Reveal Evidence that Popliteal Lymphatic Muscle Cells and their Progenitors Represent Distinct Cell Types Divergent from Skeletal and Vascular Muscle Cells

Mark Kenney

10:55 AM

The periostin niche as a target for modulating myofibroblast differentiation to promote regenerative tendon healing

Jessica Ackerman

11:05 AM

Multiphoton microscopy with clearing for three dimensional histology of mouse digital flexor tendon

Melissa MacLiesh

11:15 AM

Semi-Randomized Zwitterionic Peptides Grant Anti-Fouling Behavior to Nanoparticles

Clyde Overby

11:25 AM

NAD(P)H Autofluorescence Lifetime Imaging Enables Single Cell Analyses of Osteoblast Cellular Metabolism

Kevin Schilling

11:35 AM

Age-associated callus senescent cells produce TGF beta1 that inhibits bone fracture healing in aged mice

Jiatong Liu


Post-Doc Rosier Awards Finalists

11:45 AM

IL-27 suppresses Staphylococcal abscess formation in Staphylococcus aureus implant- associated osteomyelitis

Yugo Morita, MD, PhD

11:55 AM

Targeting synovial lymphatic function as a novel therapeutic intervention for osteoarthritis

Xi Lin, PhD

12:05 PM

Targeted radiation evokes catecholamine production triggering rapid inflammatory responses

Yuko Kawano, MD, PhD


New Faculty Spotlight

1:00 PM

Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel CaV1.2 Regulates Heterotopic Ossification in Tendon

Chike Cao, PhD

1:30 PM

Application of Next-Generation Sequencing in Musculoskeletal Research: Optimization of Human iPSC Chondrogenesis with Single Cell Transcriptomics 

Chia-Lung Wu, PhD


Rosier Awards and Closing Remarks

2:00 PM

Rosier Awards Announcements


2:05 PM

Reflections and Closing Remarks

Randy Rosier, MD, PhD

2:15 PM

eSocial (Open Zoom)


3:00 PM