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Project title: Bioresources Core: Resources for FSHD Research and Clinical Trials
Investigator: Rabi Tawil, MD, University of Rochester Medical Center
Approval: 6/2017
Study Type: Recruitment
Description: This study will help test the best ways to measure FSHD symptoms and understand how they change over time. This information is essential for planning future studies to test experimental treatments for FSHD. The study will perform genetic testing for FSHD, measure “biomarkers” of disease manifestations, and conduct questionnaires, muscle strength and function testing, physical exam, blood testing and skin and muscle biopsies.
Project title: A study of depression and its treatment in members of the National Registry of DM and FSHD
Investigator: Amy Parkhill, PhD, St. John Fisher College
Approval: 5/2017
Study Type: Recruitment
Description: The purpose of the study is to evaluate the prevalence of depression and if and how it’s being managed in Registry participants. This information may help guide clinical care and help researchers, clinicians, and pharmacists better understand how the manifestations of DM and FSHD may impact depression. Patients participate by completing a questionnaire.
Project title: Natural History Data Analysis in FSHD 
Investigator: Sanjay Shukla, MD, Atyr Pharmaceuticals
Approval: 1/2017
Study Type: Data analysis
Description: This study will help industry to better understand the natural history or progression of FSHD over time and help define the patient population. This information will help Atyr plan for clinical trials in FSHD.