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Myasthenia Gravis foundation of America
  • Support Groups are an opportunity to share your experiences openly and freely in a safe setting. Sharing your journey will not only offer you a sense of empowerment, but will help others in finding reassurance and learning new strategies to living with MG. Myasthenia Gravis foundation of America
Family Caregiver Alliance
  • FCA has partnered with Smart Patients to create this new Caregivers Community so that caregivers and other loved ones can join the community for free to share, interact, and learn from each other in a safe, supportive environment. And family caregivers of adults with chronic physical or cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, Parkinson’s, and other illnesses can share their own expertise with this new community. By partnering with Smart Patients, we are helping empower caregivers to improve care for themselves and others. Caregiver Alliance
Well Spouse Association
  • Those who live in an area where there is no active WSA face-to-face support group can receive and give support through the printed word -- the WSA website with its stories and information; the WSA Online Forum; and a chat line for members. We can now offer another alternative -- a Telephone Support Group (TSG) -- a connection with their peers, that they can take advantage of once a month... All WSA Support Group participation requires Supporting Membership status but no one is turned away for lack of funds. -- This group meets one weekend afternoon each month. Contact TSG Leader in advance, for the phone number to call in on. Well Spouse Association
Parent to Parent of NYS
  • Parent to Parent of New York State builds a supportive network of families to reduce isolation and empower those who care for people with developmental disabilities or special healthcare needs to navigate and influence service systems and make informed decisions. Parent to Parent of NYS
Teen A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E (Pieter’s family life center)
  • As a peer to peer social group for teenagers with intellectual disabilities, we energize the CAPABILITIES of all participants by providing activities that encourage fun and friendship while also learning that differences are mere reflections of our perception. In a nurturing environment we support and assist one another with unleashing each other’s highest potential. Teen ATTITUDE

Contact Teen ATTITUDE facilitator Kristen LaRocca
Phone:(585) 487-3500

Mental Health Association of Rochester

Contact Teen ATTITUDE facilitator Kristen LaRocca
Address:  320 N. Goodman St. Rochester NY, 14607
Phone:  (585) 325-3145

ALS Association support groups
  • Support groups are a great resource for people to maintain control over their lives, to give and take the wisdom and experience that comes from living with a devastating illness. Support groups exist entirely for you, the person with ALS, and your family or loved ones. ALS Association