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At the left are listed different common types of pituitary tumors. Diagnosis of pituitary tumors and other conditions effecting the pituitary and hypothalamus can be challenging because of the many tumor types and their different signs and symptoms. You may not know exactly what kind of tumor you have, perhaps because the exact type is not known yet. Part of the reason you may be referred to the UR Medicine Pituitary Program is to help clarify exactly which condition you have.

Keep in mind that every patient experiences different symptoms from their tumor, and the diagnosis can take time and many different kinds of tests. The information provided for each tumor type is a general description, and may not necessarily reflect what is most important for your particular case. In addition, the ultimate treatment recommended for you depends on your particular case, and is individualized to meet your specific needs. What is recommended can only be determined by the combined efforts of the physicians at the UR Medicine Pituitary Program, after we have had a chance to meet with you and review all the important information about your case.