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How soon do I have to get to the hospital?
If you think you may be having a stroke, it is critical that you get to the hospital quickly. Certain life-saving treatments are only available during the first three hours after symptoms appear. If you have any stroke symptoms, call 911 immediately.
Why can’t everyone with stroke symptoms be given a clot-busting drug?
While the clot-busting drug tPA is a highly effective treatment for stroke, it must be given within a 3-hour window after stroke symptoms appear. If tPA is given after 3 hours have passed, it can cause bleeding in the brain.
What if I need more advanced care?
Image Transfer is the best way to find out if you might need more advanced care. Connection to some of the top stroke experts in the state allows Noyes Health to offer you options for advanced care.
What happens after I have been treated for stroke?
Most people who experience a stroke will need some kind of rehabilitation. Some rehab can be done at Noyes Health or other nearby facilities. If you need more advanced rehab, the University of Rochester Medical Center offers a complete rehab facility with dedicated personnel to help you return to your very best health.