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Dr. Brian Foresman

Doctor Brian Foresman


Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA - MD

Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA -- Surgical Internship

Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA -- General Surgery Residency


Central Kansas Medical Center, Great Bend, KS -- General Surgeon

Susquehanna Medical Center, Williamsport, PA -- General Surgeon

UR Medicine | Noyes Health, Dansville, NY -- General Surgeon


General Surgery -- In-patient and Ambulatory

Abdominal and Intestinal Surgery

Breast Cancer Treatment

Hernia Repair, Open and Minimally Invasive


Surgical Call


Dr. Foresman is a surgeon specializing in routine and emergency procedures from appendectomies to vasectomies, performing colonscopies or endoscopies, repairing hernias, removing gallbladders, or resecting colons.  Dr. Foresman also provides diagnostic and surgical treatment for a variety of cancers, performing surgical biopsies and mastectomies, placing medi-ports, and excising cancerous skin lesions.

Dr. Foresman says he abides by the “Golden Rule” in how he works with his patients, treating them in the way he would want to be treated, and his goal is to provide “timely and tangible” positive results for his patients.