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Our Team

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division consists of 10 full-time Maternal-Fetal Medicine faculty members with a wide variety of clinical and research interests. This cadre of Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists provides for robust clinical coverage and offers a diverse range of academic interests. The faculty are dedicated to promoting excellence in all areas that support women's health. In addition, the resources that are available within the department, university, and community add significant breadth to our fellowship. The Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine is a member of NAFNET. Each faculty member's profile contains more information on their areas of clinical and research interests.


Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Loralei Thornburg, M.D.

Loralei Thornburg, M.D.
Director, MFM

Lisa Gray, M.D.

Lisa Gray, M.D.
Director, Special Care at
Women’s Health Practice

Neil S. Seligman, MD, MS

Neil S. Seligman, M.D., M.S.
Director, Labor & Delivery


Maternal-Fetal Medicine & Genetics

Monique Ho, MD

Monique Ho, M.D.
Regional MFM Director,
Additional Fellowship in Genetics

Ahmed Ibrahim, M.D.

Ahmed Ahmed, M.D.
Additional Fellowship in Genetics


Advanced Practice Professionals

Lisa Modesti

Lisa Modesti

Leah VaillanCourt, RN

Leah VaillanCourt, R.N.


Kam Szlachetka

Kam Szlachetka
Clinical Director