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Our group attends over 600 births a year. Our practice’s primary cesarean section rate (women having their first cesarean section) has been 7-11% in the last several years. Our total c-section rate for 2012 was 16%. (This compares to a local and national average of somewhat more than 30%.) We are convinced that we accomplish this remarkable outcome through providing individualized, supportive patient care during labor. It does not put our babies at risk. Our practice statistics for indicators like Special Care Nursery admissions or low Apgar scores are the same as or better than the hospital averages.

Women who wish to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean section) find good support from our practice. In 2012, twenty-five women chose to VBAC with us and twenty-one of these ladies were successful (84%). In 2010 the success rate was similar, ten out of eleven women were able to have a vaginal birth.

Some additional statistics about our group that you might be interested in:

  • Episiotomy rate is less than 2%
  • Epidural rate is approximately 42%
  • Infants with 5 minute apgar score of less than 7 rate ranges 0.3 to 2%
  • Preterm birth rate ranges from 2-5%
  • Low birth weight babies (less than 5.5lbs) rate is less than 5%
  • Induction rate on average is approximately 16-20%