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Patient Testimonials

While it's easy for us to try to tell you what your experience will be like with the Midwifery Group, we feel as though our patients say it best. Read below to find out what our patients have to say about us:

Little Girl Kissing Pregnant Belly "During my prenatal visits I never felt rushed, but felt like the midwives would spend as much time with me as I needed. In addition the SHMG were very patient and sensitive to my needs and my husbands questions. The calm and confident demeanor of the group made the very natural condition of being pregnant (which at times did not feel natural to me!) a positive empowering time. Once in the delivery room, my midwives kept encouraging me and never pressured me in any way. They let my body do what it needed so that I would be in the best physical place to allow for the stamina it needed to do the job of childbirth (like being on all-fours or standing) they let my body be the guide. More importantly, the constant mental support and counsel throughout the entire labor gave me the confidence I needed to do the work. With both of my deliveries they never once left my side. The holistic approach from the SHMG with my pregnancies and birth’s made a already miraculous time even more sacred. I feel so much gratitude that women like these exist in our community to continue to the art of midwifery."

Gretchen B.

Laurel and Nissa Postpartum"After a highly interventive first birth, I was relieved to find the Strong Midwives for our second baby, through prenatal care, birth and postpartum, in 2000. Helene took a whole hour to talk to me about all my concerns and helped me work through my frustration over my first birth. Our daughter was born gently and with as much control over our birth experience as we could wish for. I labored in the water and gave birth in a comfortable, non-lying-down position! Although I had been induced with this birth, I felt like I was in control for the whole time!

Our third birth with our son in 2003 was also with the Strong Midwives; again we felt supported and respected for the choices we wanted for a gentle birth experience, even as he worked hard to help be born!

The births weren't easy, but they were wonderful, and we still feel like the Strong Midwives helped us take back birth for our family!"

Becky B.

"I was thrilled when I learned that the amazing women who got me through my pregnancies could bring that wonderful bed-side manner to my ongoing routine gynecological care. The candor and patience they brought to the delivery room has been a constant throughout out my last 4 years of routine physicals. I liked that the group had familiarity with my births and had a well-rounded history of my body from having been my midwives. I continue to feel completely confident of their expertise in this specialty."

Gretchen B.

Mom and Baby"The midwifery group was amazing; their knowledge and compassion was unmatched by any other provider we had met along our journey. We never felt like we were just another patient to the midwives; they all seemed genuinely interested in the health and welfare of our baby. The support and attention we received from the midwives was appreciated more than we could ever say, and we would recommend their services to anyone planning to have a child. We cannot thank them enough, they helped us more than they will ever know."

Corey & Lindsey F.