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Facility Fee Notification

New York State Public Health Law 2830 requires hospitals to notify patients about potential facility fees that may not be covered by your insurance. Your upcoming service may include a facility fee, whether you are hospitalized or receive outpatient care in a clinic identified as part of the hospital. These fees may include charges for:

  • Use of exam or surgery rooms
  • Medications given in the hospital or clinic
  • X-rays and other diagnostic tests
  • Services provided by technicians, nurses, or other members of your healthcare team
  • Room and care charges for an inpatient stay
  • Any other charges that are not the professional fee for the services of licensed healthcare practitioners, such as physicians or advanced practice providers

The facility fees are billed by the hospital and would be included on your statement of services for any balance you may be responsible for. Outpatient clinics associated with UR Medicine hospitals, for which this billing process applies, are listed below for your convenience:

We work with patients and families to estimate how much they are likely to pay for UR Medicine health care services, including professional and facility fees. Use the online estimator tool to see common hospital charges for the services you are scheduled to receive.

UR Medicine provides financial assistance to patients receiving emergency and/or medically necessary care who qualify based on our Financial Assistance Policy. This is available to insured and uninsured individuals, based on income and personal circumstances.