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Asad Ullah, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Gutman, JP; Ullah, A. "Advances in Endoscopic Ultrasound". Ultrasound Clinics. 2009; 4: 369-384.

Arifuddin, R.; Baichi, M.; Ullah, A. "Pancreatic Pseudocysts and a Cyst-Duodenal Fistula Complicating Severe Necrotizing Pancreatitis from Pancreas Divisum." Digestive Disease Science. 2007; 52(11): 3143-3144.

Arifuddin, R.; Baichi, M.; Ullah, A.; Maliakkal, B. "Cystic Echinococcus-A Rare Presentation of Acute Biliary Obstruction and Pancreatitis". Journal Clinical Gastroenterology. 2006; 40(8): 763-764.

Arifuddin, R.; Baichi, M.; Ullah, A.; Maliakkal, B. "Cystic Echinococcus- A Rare Presentation of Acute Biliary Obstruction and Pancreatitis." Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. 2006; 40(8): 783-4.

Zhu, Y.; Srivatana, U.; Ullah, A.; Gangneja, H.; Berenson, C.S. and Lance, P.. "Supprssion of a sialyltransferase by antisense DNA reduces invasiveness of human colon cell in vitro. , 1-13, 2001." Biochimia et Biophysica Acta. 2001; 62032: 1-13.

Boulanger, S.; Volpe, C.M.; Ullah, A.; Linfield, V. and Doerr, R.. "Pancreatic pseudocyst with biliary fistula: treatment with endoscopic internal drainage. 94(3):347-349, 2001." South Med. Journal. 2001; 94(3): 347-349.

Li, M; Vemulapalli, R; Ullah, A; Izu, L; Duffey, M and Lance, P. "Downregulation of a human colonic sialyltransfrase by a secondary bile acid and a phorbol ester." American Journal of Physiology. 1998; 37(3): G599-G606.

Ullah A, Shamsuddin AM. "Dose-dependent inhibition of large intestinal cancer by inositol hexaphosphate in F344 rats." Carcinogenesis.. 1990 Dec; 11(12):2219-22.

Gadacz TR, McFadden DW, Gabrielson EW, Ullah A, Berman JJ. "Adenocarcinoma of the ileostomy: the latent risk of cancer after colectomy for ulcerative colitis and familial polyposis." Surgery.. 1990 Jun; 107(6):698-703.

Berman JJ, Ullah A. "Colonic metaplasia of ileostomies. Biological significance for ulcerative colitis patients following total colectomy." The American journal of surgical pathology.. 1989 Nov; 13(11):955-60.

Baten A, Ullah A, Tomazic VJ, Shamsuddin AM. "Inositol-phosphate-induced enhancement of natural killer cell activity correlates with tumor suppression." Carcinogenesis.. 1989 Sep; 10(9):1595-8.

Shamsuddin AM, Ullah A, Chakravarthy AK. "Inositol and inositol hexaphosphate suppress cell proliferation and tumor formation in CD-1 mice." Carcinogenesis.. 1989 Aug; 10(8):1461-3.

Shamsuddin AM, Ullah A. "Inositol hexaphosphate inhibits large intestinal cancer in F344 rats 5 months after induction by azoxymethane." Carcinogenesis.. 1989 Mar; 10(3):625-6.

Shamsuddin AM, Elsayed AM, Ullah A. "Suppression of large intestinal cancer in F344 rats by inositol hexaphosphate." Carcinogenesis.. 1988 Apr; 9(4):577-80.

Hinzman MJ, Novotny C, Ullah A, Shamsuddin AM. "Fecal mutagen fecapentaene-12 damages mammalian colon epithelial DNA." Carcinogenesis.. 1987 Oct; 8(10):1475-9.

Chakravarthy, A.; Elsayed, A.; Ullah, A. and Shamsuddin, A.M. "Azoxymethane induced large intestinal carcinogenesis in F344 rats. A two-dimensional dose and time model." Fed. Proc. 1987; 46:(744).