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Rowswell-Turner R; Singh R; Urh A; Yano N; Kim K; Khazan K; Pandita, R; Sivagnanalingam U; Hovanesian V; James N; Ribeiro J; Kadambi S; Linehan D; Moore R. "HE4 Overexpression by ovarian cancer promotes a suppressive tumor immune microenvironment and enhanced tumor and macrophage PD-L1 expression. Published online April 26,2021:" . J Immunol. 2021; .

Kim KK; Singh RK; Khazan N; Kodza A; Singh NA; Jones A; Sivagnanalingam U; Towner M; Itamochi H; Turner, R; Moore RG. "Development of Potent Forchlorfenurone Analogs and Their Cytotoxic Effect in Cancer Cell Lines." Sci Rep. 2020; 10(1): 3241.

Kim KK; Turner R; Khazan N; Kodza A; Jones A; Singh RK; Moore RG. "Role of trypsin and protease-active receptor-2 in ovarian cancer." PLOS One. 2020; 15(5): e0232253.

James NE; Emerson JB; Borstadt; Beffa L; Liver MT; Hovanesian V; Urh A; Singh RK; Rowswell-Turner R; DiSilvestro PA; Ou J; Moore RG; Ribeiro JR. "The biomarker HE4 (WFDC2) promotes a pro-angiogenic and immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment via regulation of STAT3 target genes." Sci Rep. 2020; 10(1): 8558.

Rowswell-Turner R; Rutishauser J; Kim KK. "Novel small molecule MEK inhibitor URML-3881 enhances cisplatin sensitivity in clear cell ovarian cancer." Translat Oncol. 2019; 12(7): 914-924.

James NE, Oliver MT, Ribeiro JR, Cantillo E, Rowswell-Turner RB, Kim KK, Chichester CO, DiSilvestro PA, Moore RG, Singh RK, Yano N, Zhao TC. "Human Epididymis Secretory Protein 4 (HE4) Compromises Cytotoxic Mononuclear Cells via Inducing Dual Specificity Phosphatase 6." Frontiers in pharmacology.. 2019 10:216. Epub 2019 Mar 19.

James, N.E.; Cantillo, E. ;Oliver, M.T.; Rowswell-Turner, R.B. "HE4 suppresses the expression of osteopontin in mononuclear cells and compromises their cytotoxicity against ovarian cancer cells. Clin Exp Immunol. Epub ahead of print." 2018; .

Rowswell-Turner R, Rutishauser J, Kim KK et al. "Novel small molecule MEK inhibitor URML-3881 enhances cisplatin sensitivity in clear cell ovarian cancer. Manuscript submitted for publication." 2018; .

Rowswell-Turner, R.B; and Barr, P. "Treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia in older adults." J Geriatric Oncology. 2017; 8(5): 315-319.

Egilmez, N.K.; Harden, J.L.; Rowswell-Turner, R.B. "Chemoimmunotherapy as long-term maintenance therapy for cancer." Onco Immunology. 2012; 1(4): 1-3.

Li, P.; Liu, Y.; Rowswell-Turner,R. B.; Esfahani, F. "2012. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of adult thalamic glioblastoma multiforme. N Am J Med Sci. 5(1):51-54." 2012; .

Rowswell-Turner, R.B.; Harden, J.L.; Nair,R.E;, Gu,T.; Kilinc,M.O.; Egilmez, N.K. "Chronic chemoimmunotherapy achieves cure of spontaneous murine mammary tumors via persistent blockade of posttherapy counter-regulation." J Immunology. 2011; 187(8): 4109-18.

Harden, J.L.; Gu, T.; Kilinc, M.O.; Roswell-Turner, R.B.; Virtuoso, L.P.; Egilmez, N.K. "Dichotomous effects of IFN-y on dendritic cell function determine the extent of IL-12-driven antitumor T-cell immunity." J Immunology. 2011; 187(1): 126-32.

Gu, T.; Roswell-Turner, R.B.; Kilinc, M.O.; Egilmez, N.K. "Central Role of IFNgamma-indoleamine 2,3- dioxygenase axis in regulation of interleukin- 12- mediated antitumor immunity." Cancer Res. 2010; 70(1): 129-38.

Kilinc, M.O.; Roswell-Turner, R.B.; Gu, T.; Virtuoso, L.P.; Egilmez, N.K. "Activated CD8+ T-effector/memory cells eliminated CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ T- suppressor cells from tumors via FasL mediated apoptosis". J Immunology. 2009; 183(12): 7656-60.