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PHS Staff


Alan Ardelean,
Alan Ardelean

Education, Student Office Assistant

Claudia Burcke,
Claudia Burcke

Program Manager, Community Outreach and Engagement

Arlette Chavez, M.D.
Arlette Chavez, M.D.

Staff Scientist

Marisa Chiodo,
Marisa Chiodo

Faculty Support Secretary

Kristina Hawes,
Kristina Hawes

Community Recruitment Coordinator

Judy Hughes,
Judy Hughes

Sr. Health Project Coordinator, Healthcare Management

Rachel Ingham,
Rachel Ingham

Division Secretary, Healthcare Management

Susan Ladwig, MPH
Susan Ladwig, MPH

Sr. Health Project Coordinator, Palliative Care

Candice Lucas, EdD, MBA
Candice Lucas, EdD, MBA

Chief Community Impact Officer; Community Outreach, Engagement and Disparities

Kyra Majewski,
Kyra Majewski

Administration, Student Office Assistant

Quratulain Majoka, MBA
Quratulain Majoka, MBA

Graduate Programs Administrator, Preventive Medicine Residency Coordinator

Susan Martin,
Susan Martin

Administrative Assistant

Sarah McKinney, LPN
Sarah McKinney, LPN

Finger Lakes Region SPDS Coordinator

Sarah Merritt,
Sarah Merritt

Rural Community Outreach Coordinator

Laura Molina,
Laura Molina

Human Subjects Research Coordinator I

Camila Ospina Fadul,
Camila Ospina Fadul

Project Manager, Language Equity and Inclusion

Erin Schmidt,
Erin Schmidt

Research Administrator, Grants & Agreements

Christina Sisson,
Christina Sisson

Staff Accountant

Jill Szydlowski, M.S.
Jill Szydlowski, M.S.

Sr. Information Analyst, Division of Health Policy and Outcomes Research

Jeananne Thomas, MBA
Jeananne Thomas, MBA

Department Administrator

Susan Van Dongen,
Susan Van Dongen

Administrative Assistant to the Chair, Faculty Coordinator

Janice Van Opdorp, MS
Janice Van Opdorp, MS

Research Administrator, Grants & Agreements

Phillip Vaughan,
Phillip Vaughan

Health Project Coordinator, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Holly Widanka, M.S.
Holly Widanka, M.S.

Sr. Health Project Coordinator, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences