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Severe Asthma Program at Mary Parkes Center

Our severe asthma program is located at the Mary M. Parkes Center for Asthma, Allergy & Pulmonary Care. Our physicians have particular expertise in the management of difficult and severe refractory asthma. Our team of asthma educators, asthma navigator, nurses, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, and physicians work together to provide comprehensive care to our patients.

The asthma center offers cutting edge diagnostic and treatment services with a goal to provide personalized treatment for each patient. We work closely with our colleagues in allergy & immunology, otorhinolaryngology, speech pathology, gastroenterology, and occupational & environmental medicine to provide true multidisciplinary care to our patients.

Our team of experts offer new approaches to diagnose and treat asthma, including FDA-approved biologic therapies (anti-IgE, anti-IL-5 therapy, and anti-IL-4-/13) and bronchial thermoplasty in carefully selected patients with severe uncontrolled asthma. Learn more about the advanced treatment options in severe asthma.

WAO Center of Excellence

Wold Allergy Organization Center of ExcellenceIn May 2019, the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry was designated as a World Allergy Organization Center of Excellence. The WAO provides educational outreach programs, symposia and lectureships in 100 countries around the world. Centers of Excellence are tasked with intensifying and accelerating multi-disciplinary scientific and clinical research, education, and training in allergy, asthma and clinical immunology.

Faculty and Staff – Severe Asthma Program at Mary Parkes Center

Meg Mraz, FNP-C

Kristin Fleming, FNP-C

Maureen Prince, MS, BSN, RN
Nurse Manager

Laura Fugate, BSN, RN

Jessica Newcomb
Asthma Research Coordinator