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MOC Part IV Credit

The national Multi-Specialty MOC Portfolio Approval Program has granted approval to the UR Medicine to award MOC Part IV credit to physicians participating in quality improvement (QI) projects. The national Multi-Specialty MOC Portfolio Approval Program, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the UR Medicine MOC Program are working together to make the process of obtaining MOC Part IV credit as meaningful and convenient as possible.

The UR Medicine MOC Program will help reduce the administrative burden for physicians seeking MOC Part IV credit, while ensuring they complete meaningful QI activities and meet the high standards for self-evaluation necessary for receiving MOC Part IV credit.

Listed below is the process for MOC Part IV credit reporting by the UR MOC Program. Please note the UR Medicine MOC Program does not directly grant you credits but works through Multi-Specialty MOC Portfolio Program and the ABMS.

  1. Physician submits required materials to UR Medicine MOC Portfolio Program for review.
  2. UR Medicine MOC Portfolio Program reports MOC Part IV Credit Awards to ABMS.
  3. Multi-Specialty MOC Portfolio Program (within ABMS) notifies Specialty Board(s) of credit fulfillment.
  4. Specialty Board(s) notifies the physician of credit fulfillment.

Performance Improvement CME Project Guidelines

The University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to certify continuing medical education activities for physicians. When AMA PRA Category 1 creditTM is awarded by the School of Medicine & Dentistry (SMD), the Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) is required by accreditation standards to document program development and implementation, and to ensure that the activity meets all nationally established CME Guidelines. This includes Performance Improvement Continuing Medical Education (PI CME) activities.

The University of Rochester Medical Center is an approved Portfolio Sponsor by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Portfolio Sponsors are those organizations that are approved through the Multi-Specialty MOC Portfolio Approval Program (Portfolio Program) to develop, monitor, and approve quality improvement efforts for MOC Part IV credit. The UR Medicine MOC Quality Effort Review Board (MOC QERB) will oversee the application and approval process of MOC Part IV Efforts.

PI CME must be applied for and approved before physicians are actively involved in the QI project.

Timeline for QI Project Approval


This is before the group of participating physicians begins to review baseline data, discuss underlying causes, and consider interventions. (Effort Leads may have previously begun a preliminary review and consideration of baseline data.)

  1. Effort Lead develops a plan for a project that will qualify for MOC Part IV
    • Refer to the guidelines and requirements established by the UR Medicine MOC QERB, and complete all necessary paperwork.
    • If approved, decide if the project will be submitted for PI CME and complete #2.
  2. Effort Lead arranges for PI CME credit to be designated for the activity (20 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™)
    • Complete the CEL CME Activity Development Form (PI CME), along with supporting CME documents, and submit to the UR Medicine MOC QERB. The CME application will be forwarded to CEL along with a copy of the MOC Part IV Effort Application Form and Physician Registration Form(s).
    • After approved for PI CME, the Effort Lead informs prospective participants of the opportunity to participate in the activity for CME credit. The communication should provide a summary of the planned QI project, list of people leading the activity (include disclosure information regarding relevant commercial relationships) and include the CME accreditation and certification statements provided by CEL.


  1. Each physician seeking credit completes reports for the QI project:
    • Physician Attestation Form
    • Report on PI CME Activity
  2. PI CME credit and MOC Part IV credit are given to participating physicians
    • UR Center for Experiential Learning will award 20 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™. The credit is added to their CME transcript, and can be accessed online through the UR CEL Education Management Portal.
    • The UR Medicine MOC QERB forwards a list of participants receiving the MOC Part IV credit to ABMS, which forwards this information to the relevant boards.