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1)  Why should I use the UR Medicine MOC Program for my MOC Part IV credit requirements?

The UR Medicine MOC Program was created to provide an institutional resource for physicians engaged in meaningful quality improvement efforts to apply those activities to the meeting MOC Part IV requirements. This alleviates the physician of the administrative burden of working directly with his/her specialty board as well as the potential cost of choosing alternative to meet the requirement.  We also provide resources for questions about MOC Part IV requirements, guidance on selecting, developing, and implementing QI efforts, and feedback on QI efforts in progress.

2)   Is this the best route for me to take to obtain my MOC Part IV credit?

You need to determine this individually taking into account the requirements of your Board.  While this program allows you to get credit for meaningful improvement work you are already doing, requirements for obtaining this credit are strictly adhered to in order to comply with the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Approval Program agreement.  Please, each physician is responsible for any additional costs incurred by choosing a different approach to obtaining MOC Part IV credit.

 3)  Is there a fee for using UR Medicine MOC Program to apply for  MOC Part IV credit?

No, UR Medicine does not charge physicians for these services. However, individual specialty boards do charge fees to physicians for re-certification.  Specialty boards charges for re-certification vary considerably; please see the  ABMS Specialty Boards page for a link to each of the specialty boards’ sites for current fees.

 4)  Is QI effort pre-approval required prior to applying for UR Medicine MOC Part IV credit?

​Yes, effort pre-approval is required unless you are applying under the QI/PS Institutional Leader or QI Poster pathways . The criteria for obtaining MOC Part IV credit is stringent and pre-approval will ensure the QI effort is carried out with appropriate methodologies that will meet criteria for MOC Part IV credit approval. Only the Effort Lead needs to submit the Effort Approval Form.

5)  What is an Effort Lead?  What are the additional requirements of an Effort Lead?

​The effort lead is responsible for registering the QI project with the UR Medicine MOC Program, submitting the UR Medicine MOC Part IV Credit Application for effort review, providing periodic updates on the progress of the QI effort to UR Medicine MOC Program personnel, and monitoring and verifying physician participation for each physician seeking credit for that effort.

6)  Will the UR Medicine MOC program assist me in obtaining my re-certification for MOC Part II or III?

​The UR Medicine MOC Program focuses on MOC Part IV re-certification.   Physicians must work with their individual boards regarding credit for other MOC components.

7)   What if the UR Medicine Quality Efforts Review Board does not award MOC Part IV credit to me for failing to meet the criteria for Project Approval or Meaningful Participation?

​THE ABMS Portfolio Program requires that we have a process to adjudicate disputes about meeting the requirements to obtain MOC Part IV credit.  If a question regarding physician participation and/or MOC Part IV credit arises, then the first level of adjudication of such disputes will be by the Chief Quality Officer, who will investigate the circumstances of the dispute and provide a decision. In the event that a physician wishes to appeal this decision, the Chief Medical Officer will become involved in the decision-making.  Please refer to the Criteria page for a listing of our requirements.

For any questions/comments,please contact the UR Medicine MOC Program Manager at