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About Us

The Office provides a link between the private sector, government research agencies, other academic institutions and research at the University of Rochester—a leader and innovator in basic, translational, and clinical research and technology development. Partnerships can include joint research projects, sponsored research, technology development, educational partnerships or related activities.

What We Do

We tap the power of the University's research capabilities to:

  • Identify potential matches between corporate needs and University expertise
  • Open the door to successful research partnerships
  • Provide an initial point of contact

The Office tracks the latest University research developments and trends and works closely with UR Ventures. We propose specific opportunities and field external inquiries to identify likely connections between corporate and other institutions' needs and our research capabilities.

We understand the need to address intellectual property and other issues up front and on a project by project basis. The Office collaborates with the University’s Office of Research Project Administration and UR Ventures to ensure collaborations meet corporate and academic expectations.

We drive research partnerships to:

  • Respect the University’s objectives and scientific mission; and
  • Meet external partners' timelines, reporting needs, compliance obligations, and other specific requirements.