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URMC / Research / Flow Cytometry / Services / Registration & Training

Registration and Training


All investigators must register for a user account if they would like to use the Flow Core instruments. This process for University of Rochester researchers is outlined here:

  1. Fill out the New User Registration Form.
    1. The new user will be contacted to confirm registration and with information regarding the beginning of the training process.
    2. The new user will receive a separate email containing a PPMS username and password.
    3. The new user will be added to the UR_Cytometry email list and granted access to the FCC Transfer pipeline and Library server.
    4. The new user is immediately granted calendar access to the cell sorters.  It is recommended that new projects be discussed with the flow core staff, but instrument training is not required as the staff will operate the instruments.
  2. All new investigators are required to attend the Intro to Flow lecture. Dates and times are listed in the side panel -->.
    1. The lecture is an overview of flow cytometry and an introduction to the URMC Flow Cytometry Resource.
    2. There is no separate registration or cost for the lecture.
    3. Here is a link to the slides: Intro to Flow Cytometry
  3. If you are completely new to flow cytometry you may want to read and complete the BD Intro to Flow tutorial.  This is a document produced by Becton Dickinson and contains an introduction to a number of topics that can start your flow cytometry journey.  This will emphasize and build on a number of topics addressed in our local intro lecture.