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Fees & Billing

The Mass Spectrometry Resource Laboratory bills projects based on the hourly cost of technician and instrument time. These estimates are reported to you in both quote and final invoice format.

In addition, any special consumables that are necessary for your project (ie. column, IP beads, reagents) that the MSRL does not have as regular stock are an additional charge (or can be provided by your laboratory).

University of Rochester users enjoy a 50% subsidy to encourage use of the facility for your research needs (note: special consumables are not covered by the subsidy). External users pay the full rate as listed.

For FY20, the internal rates are (external rates doubled):

Technician Rate $50/hr - Instrument Rate $50/hr - Data Analysis/Reporting Rate $50/hr

The fee structure above will be assessed and revised as necessary on an annual basis in order to recover costs and remain in  compliance with NIH Notice NOT-OD-13-053 (

Project costs will vary, but a rate table is available for rough estimates (reflects internal discounts).  Generally, as the number of samples submitted increases, the cost per sample decreases. More complex samples require a longer instrument run. A quote will be generated once you have met with us to discuss the scope of your project.

Sample Rate Table

Small Molecule Quantitation

This type of project follows the same rates as mentioned above.  We find that the quotes for these samples vary widely based on the amount of method development needed, and often change during the course of an experiment based on how the sample performs on our instrumentation.  Please contact us to get an estimate for your specific project.