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  • Research project design and planning
  • Proper sample preparation for subsequent MS-based analysis
  • Assistance with data interpretation, grant writing and publication

Sample Preparation

  • Sample clean-up and processing:  desalting, precipitation, extraction, depletion, fractionation, proteolytic digest, etc.
  • Affinity-based enrichment: antibody, immobilized metal affinity, etc.
  • SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis and staining, western blotting

Mass Spectrometry

  • Protein and peptide identification in purified samples or complex mixtures
  • Protein Quantitation: Label free, chemical isotopic labeling, Isobaric tags, SILAC labeled proteins
  • Small molecule quantitation
  • PTM identification
  • Intact protein analysis

Data Analysis

  • Proteome Discoverer data analysis software, using MASCOT and SEQUEST search algorithms
  • LC-Quan software for small molecule quantitation