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For Department Chairs, Center Directors, and Administrators

The academic related activities of this office involve the processing of all requests for faculty appointments, reappointments, and promotions in the School of Medicine and Dentistry; assignment of ad hoc committees to consider promotions to associate professor and professor levels; the review and submission of material to the Steering Committee and the Executive Committee of the School of Medicine and Dentistry; the review and submission to the Provost of all requests for faculty leaves of absence.

Reappointment of an Assistant Professor at the completion of the first appointment period must be preceded by a departmental review of performance and of the faculty member’s contributions as related to specific activity components (i.e., Research, Scholarship, Institutional Scholarship, Clinical, Teaching), which the department chair and faculty member anticipate will be formally assigned upon subsequent proposal for promotion to Associate Professor. Departmental review for reappointment as Assistant Professor is considered one of the most important points in the career development of junior faculty.

Please see the following: pages 8-9 (SMD Regulations of the Faculty) and Appendix D of the required paperwork document. Do note this review letter becomes the faculty member’s reappointment letter, and the faculty member will receive a copy of the letter after the Dean concurs with the reappointment.

  • All University of Rochester faculty are required to have an annual review completed by their Department. The Annual Review Generic Template below is a sample/example, which may be used "as-is" or may be used as a model to ensure that another department-specific form contains the required elements for a faculty annual review.
  • Annual Review Generic Template (revised 9/7/2021)

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