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Code42 CrashPlan Workstation Backup

What is Code42 CrashPlan?

CrashPlan is a software solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux that automatically and securely backs up computer data to the cloud.

How does it work?

Crashplan is installed on your computer, scans your drive(s) for files, and backs up the all data, other than your program files and the operating system, to the cloud. Once the first backup is complete, your computer reports any changed data.

The default settings retain a version of your data every fifteen minutes for the last week, every four hours for the last ninety days, and once a day beyond that. Deleted files are not removed from the backup, so those can be retrieved as well.

Is this software secure?

Yes. Your data is protected with 256-bit AES encryption before it leaves your computer, it is securely transmitted to the Code42 cloud, and remains encrypted at rest. The private keys to this encryption are never shared with Code42 so the vendor has no access to your data. In the event that the Code42 cloud was breached, your data would still not be visible.

Do I have to be on campus to backup or restore?

You do not need to be on campus to backup or restore data with CrashPlan. Your data will back up securely whenever you are connected to the internet, regardless of whether you have VPN connection. You will be able to securely access and restore your data from any computer using our CrashPlan website or you can restore data from the iOS and Android apps.

Will CrashPlan slow down my computer?

We performed an evaluation on over eighty computers of varying ages including Windows PC’s, Mac’s, Linux workstations, file servers, and even virtual computers. On the vast majority of these test computers we saw no performance reduction, even on units we purposely stress tested while running CrashPlan.

Why should I get CrashPlan?

CrashPlan is a fantastic way to make sure your data remains safe, versioned, and geographically redundant. Often times we rely on external hard drives in our offices or homes to keep us backed up, but these drives have very high failure rates and do not protect us against floods, fires, or theft. Those who travel frequently can rest easy with CrashPlan knowing their data is being backed up even on the road, and that if their computer is lost or stolen on a trip, all their data is accessible from the web or the mobile app.

CrashPlan Pricing

Individual Plan

Yearly Cost: $120 / user 

Benefits: This plan entitles a customer to unlimited cloud backup and versioning for up to four computers.  If a customer needs to back up more than four computers on an Individual Account, extra seats can be purchased in blocks of four for an additional $120 per year.  Customers can customize what data gets backed up and can restore data themselves from any computer with Internet access. Customers also have full access to all of their backed up computers using the iOS and Android apps, which can also be used to restore data.

The maximum number of computers that can be backed up on the individual plan is 12. This plan also does not have the ability to designate another user as an administrator.  If there is a possibility you may exceed this limit or would want another user to assist in the administration of your account, you should request the Lab / Departmental plan.

Great For: Individuals with multiple devices, frequent travelers, and/or power users that may desire to use the capabilities of the platform.

Lab / Departmental Plan

Yearly Cost: $120 / four computers backed up; $120 / administrator account

Benefits: Unlimited backup/versioning for all computers designated within the lab/department. This plan can back up as many computers as needed and is purchased in blocks of four computer “seats” at a time for $120 per block annually.  This plan also allows a lab/department to designate power users and/or departmental IT staff to perform administrative tasks and restore data.  Each “administrator” account requires an additional license that costs $120 per year per administrative user. 

For example, if a lab had seven computers to backup and wanted one lab manager to be able to control the backups/perform restores, the cost would be $360 per year--$240 for licensing eight computers and $120 for the administrative user account for the lab manager.

Limitations: End computer users are not be able to change backup settings, perform restores, use mobile apps, or receive email notifications (unless the account administrator configured notifications to go to a distribution list).

Great For: Research labs, department-wide deployments, user groups supported by departmental IT staff, user groups with a strong technical lead.

How do I get Crashplan? 

If you have further questions about CrashPlan please email or call 274-4444. To enroll in a subscription, fill out the request form here:  This service is available to the entire University community and is functional with both UR and URMC accounts.