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Microsoft 365 Online

Email Moving to Microsoft Office Online


Microsoft 365 OnlineURMC is on a journey towards more modern technologies to communicate and collaborate across our organization. To make this possible, our first significant change – starting in July 2022 – is moving our email from local servers to the University’s cloud-based Microsoft Office Online service.

  • Beginning July 2022 and continuing through November 2022, groups of mail accounts will move each week and staggered across the organization to ensure minimal disruption. Once the move is complete, your mail will disconnect from the local server, and it should only take a few moments of effort to reconnect to the new server. There’s no need to defer a move due to vacation or travel.

  • You will be able to work in your mail (desktop, mobile, and Web Mail) while the move takes place. However, when it is complete, your mail will disconnect from the old server, and you will need to take the steps outlined below to reconnect to your mail on the new server.

  • For more information about moving to Microsoft Office Online, visit the Email Moves intranet page

Important Login Change

  • After your mail moves, you will use your URMC email address and URMC password to sign in. Your old username (ex: jsmith2) will not work for your new online mail account.

  • You’ll still use your URMC Active Directory username and password to sign in to your computer and systems – they will not change.


Steps to Take After Your Mail Moves

  • You’ll know your mail move is complete when Outlook pops up a message that it can’t connect to your URMC email. Follow these steps to reconnect to your mail.

Need urgent access to your mail? Log in to Web Mail to access your inbox from any internet browser – click the link to sign into your online mail.

Outlook on Your PC

  • If your email doesn’t automatically reconnect to Microsoft Office Online, try rebooting your desktop to reconnect.

Macs & Mobile Devices

  • For each of the following, you will need to delete your URMC mail account and re-create it to connect to your new online mail account – click the device type below for how-to instructions.

Sign in to your new email with your URMC email address and URMC password.

If you need assistance after your mail moves, contact the ISD Help Desk at 585-275-3200.

Important Reminders

  • Mobile App: Outlook is the recommended mobile app for accessing your URMC email. 

  • If you’re not yet using the Outlook mail app, consider switching AFTER your mail move, so you create your account one time.

  • Outlook Distribution Lists: If you own or manage a Distribution List, you’ll need to contact the ISD Help Desk or submit a request to make updates after your mail move.