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School of Medicine & Dentistry / Office of Research IT / Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Need to report an incident related to harassment and/or discrimination? Use the PADH Form


The Department of Research & Academic IT (Academic IT) strives to respect and acknowledge the experiences of the diverse backgrounds of all people. Our differences drive innovation and foster a collaborative culture that is essential to our mission.


We commit to promoting diversity, defined in multiple forms, including race and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexuality, socio-economic status, national origin, religion, and disability. We believe that diversity only strengthens Academic IT.

We actively work to respond to and eliminate bias, discrimination, and harassment. We believe that the University of Rochester should be an institution of equal opportunity for all persons through a commitment to improving culture, climate, and reporting practices. Achieving equity, moreover, requires us to address the history of systemic barriers and oppressions that prevent all people from being treated equally.

We commit to ensuring that Academic IT is a place where differences are valued, diverse voices are respectfully heard, and every person feels a sense of belonging. We know that building a critical mass of diverse staff and a culture of inclusiveness will allow us to advance our collective goals.


Priorities for Fiscal Year 2023

Academic IT’s priorities for Fiscal Year 2023 are to explore existing resources and initiatives available through the university and medical center and make recommendations to ensure the department consider actions and decision-making always through the lens of diversity and inclusion. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a climate and culture that is welcoming, supportive and continuously improving for our learners, faculty and staff.  These priorities include:

  • Review the URMC Equity and Anti-Racism Action Plan
  • Discuss what recommendations are relevant for our own department
  • Draft an inclusion statement
  • Develop a DEI web presence 
  • Examine and expand workforce diversity in hiring
  • Cluster hiring to increase the diversity of staff
  • Outreach to increase the diversity of the pool of new employees
  • Comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion learning for staff
  • Support & accountability