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Deaf Professional Services

Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Deaf Professionals and Interpreters Reconfiguration Process to the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI).

General Questions

The goal is to reconfigure the Deaf Professional branch of interpreter services under the URSMD Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) led by the Senior Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion. The aim is to begin uplifting marginalized Rochester language minority communities as fully included members of the University of Rochester.

The University of Rochester has made an institution-wide commitment to equity and anti-racism. Language equity is part of that multi-faceted effort beginning with reimagining the configuration of the deaf professional experience at the University and the Medical Center. Please see the Equity & Anti-Racism Action Plan

OEI is not making any structural decisions right now. We are waiting for the final report from Brick Advantage including feedback directly from all stakeholders while current services remain in place. After the consultation process is complete, the feedback and ideas will form the foundation for a new deaf-centered structure where all stakeholders can thrive.

Consulting Process

Brick Advantage is a Deaf and certified interpreter owned business with decades of experience in the interpreting and management fields. They were brought on for their comprehensive expertise in understanding how the management of the interpreting process ultimately impact stakeholders. They are the primary point persons for this independent consultant process. Kelby Brick, Esq. and Bill Millios from Brick Advantage are tasked with surveying stakeholders and capturing data to inform the reconfiguration process.

We have brought in Brick Advantage to lead a quantitative and qualitative assessment involving surveys, listening and learning sessions, and individual interviews that culminates into a comprehensive report including recommendations heavily-based on stakeholders’ input. All information given by stakeholders to Brick Advantage throughout this process will be confidential and will not be shared, this includes OEI. Dr. Wyatte Hall, OEI Faculty Fellow, and Emily Anderson, OEI Director of Operations and Programming, will be supporting Brick Advantage throughout the consultation process to ensure that all stakeholders are scheduled to meet with Brick Advantage consultants. At the conclusion of this phase, the University aims to have an understanding of what stakeholders want and need now and in the future, and dynamic processes and structures to fulfill that.

Your Role in This Process

We are currently in the information-gathering phase of this project. We share information as soon as we are able to, we are committed to an inclusive process that has open communication and accountability. We acknowledge that information may not always be shared exactly when or how people would prefer it. We want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to provide input before we share what has been collected with you. Our intent is to publicly share stakeholder feedback once the information-gathering is complete and we best understand the key themes that will inform the future OEI structure.

We feel that it is very important that each individual is able to share their own thoughts and ideas. Through the confidential process of the Survey, and Listening and Learning Sessions, ALL stakeholders have the opportunity to contribute their comments, experiences, and expertise DIRECTLY to Brick Advantage. Everyone who chooses to participate has an equal seat at the table. Both Adrienne Morgan and Kathy Gallucci are available, should you have any concerns that you would like to express. Dominica Ranieri has also recently joined URMC as Director of Staff Equity and Inclusion. She is an additional resource to staff, and you may also reach out to express any concerns or considerations.

We want your hopes, dreams, and vision of what it means to have deaf professionals equitably included in a hearing-dominant academic environment. We want your ideas for a structure where interpreters are fully supported to do their best work every day. We want your involvement as this process unfolds!

The survey is administered through a link specific to each person’s email. The link to your survey should have been sent to your URMC email. The survey is still open for your input. Please send an email to if you did not receive a link or would like assistance.

Brick Advantage is contacting individuals directly to participate if they expressed a desire to do so in the survey. If you have not been contacted yet and would like to participate, please contact Bill Millios at

Central Budget

There has never been a Central Budget before, so we are working to understand all the needs of deaf professionals across the Medical center, including interpreting, captioning, note-taking, and other services. It is important to do this now at the beginning of the fiscal year to ensure an appropriate budget is established.


We expect that there is no one specific model that will satisfy the needs of all deaf professionals. We know that different contexts and situations will require different solutions. Brick Advantage’s consulting work, which includes your feedback, will also help to identify needs and inform deaf-centered solutions.

The transition team’s function is to support the Brick Advantage consultant process as needed, and determine the Central Budget needs going forward as we reconfigure to accommodate all deaf professionals’ needs.

The team consists of University leadership including:

  • Dr. Adrienne Morgan, URMC Senior Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion
  • Kathleen Gallucci, UR Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Dr. Dominica Ranieri, Director of Staff Equity and Inclusion

Other members of the team from the URSMD Office of Equity and Inclusion include:

  • Elizabeth Butcher, Central Budget Lead
    • Primary coordinator of Central Budget creation including institution-wide information gathering, documenting cost savings, and expense and revenue projections
  • Kim Morreale, Central Budget Logistics
    • Supporting Central Budget creation including information-gathering efforts, resources assessment, scheduling system logistics, and projecting future need and growth
  • Dr. Wyatte Hall, Faculty Fellow
    • Provides general support for Brick Advantage and Central Budget processes
  • Emily Anderson, Director of Operations and Programming
    • Coordinates general logistical needs for Brick Advantage and Central Budget processes
  • Norma Holland, Director of Public Relations and Community Engagement
    • Supports the general communication needs for Brick Advantage and Central Budget processes

Generally, this process is anticipated to take several months through the end of October. We want to make sure that what we build sets a foundation for continuous improvement into the future. As we move forward, we will always be looking for ways to continuously improve.