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Our Team

Office of Equity and Inclusion

Adrienne MorganAdrienne Morgan, PhD (she/her)
Interim Richard Feldman Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, and Chief Diversity Officer, UR
Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, URMC
Senior Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion, URSMD
Emily AndersonEmily Anderson (she/her)
Director of Operations and Programming
I oversee all the operational aspects of our department along with DEI programming initiatives.
Isabel ChandlerIsabel Chandler (she/her)
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Learning Specialist
Desmond DavisDesmond Davis (he/him)
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Learning Specialist 
My role is to educate on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workspace and to make the process of learning approachable and tangible for those who choose to participate. I was drawn to this work, because I’ve been watching the strides the hospital has been making to prioritize Education.
Erin DuecyErin Duecy, MD (she/her)
Associate Vice President for the Center for Gender Equity
Understanding the gender experience at an academic medical center is critical to building relationships and infrastructure that promotes gender equity for an inclusive and compassionate community! I joined the OEI at URMC because of the people. Working with a group of caring, curious, progressive, and change-oriented people is fantastic!
Wendy GonaverWendy Gonaver (she/her)
I am the Paul M. Schyve Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Health Humanities and Bioethics writing a history of URMC focused on the institution's relationship with Rochester's Black community. Fun fact: My personal yoga goal is full splits and improved crow pose in 2023!
Nikkie HermanNikkie R Herman (she/her)
Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Education and Learning
My role is to oversee the education process - from meeting with groups, hearing their needs, to assigning the talented group of educators that work with them, that’s all me! My earliest introduction to DEIJ, as someone who grew up in a very rural part of NYS, came through books and our local library; I was introduced to so many different people, minds, places and experiences, and can still always be found with at least two books on me at almost all times!
Norma HollandNorma Holland (she/her)
Director of Public Relations and Community Engagement
I promote the programs and initiatives of the Office of Equity and Inclusion to internal and external audiences to improve not only the office’s public image but to maximize its impact. Fun fact: I have performed as part of a women’s comedy troupe for more than 10 years.
Mariela Leon-ThomasMariela Leon-Thomas (she/her)
Program Manager
I co-lead the Stigmatizing Language workgroup that promotes awareness of stereotyping, derogatory, and prejudicial terms and phrases and the impact of those in the community groups ascribed. My focus is to champion diversity and inclusion to represent URMC’s commitment to better welcome, serve, support, and value every human our institution and workforce interact with. Fun fact: I love warm weather (the humid/Caribbean type), but, at the same time, every year, I can’t wait for December to start listening to Christmas Carols and start the Christmas vibes.
Ky LynchKyan Lynch, MD (he/him)
Associate Vice President for Education and Digital Innovation
Blending medicine, education, and technology, I support healthcare professionals in integrating diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice into their practice. Fun fact: As someone who grew up attending Shea Stadium to cheer on the New York Mets, I find it incredibly satisfying that the three essential components of my role - Medicine, Education, and Technology - can be conveniently abbreviated as 'MET'.
Jahron Marriott (he/him)
Project Director for Education and Digital Innovation
Gerlander McCauleyGerlander McCauley (she/her)
Administrative Assistant, OJ Shepard
I am OJ Shepard's Administrative Assistant. He's Batman and I'm his Robin! Fun fact: I'm left-handed.
Senovia MoncadaSenovia Moncada, JD (she/her)
Equal Employment Opportunities Investigator
Pursuant to the University’s Policy against Discrimination and Harassment, as well as federal Title IX regulations, I conduct internal investigations into allegations of discrimination and harassment on the basis of a protected class. I am proud to serve the UR community by providing a non-judgmental space for folks to discuss sensitive topics.
Angela OwenAngela Owen (she/her)
Administrative Assistant, Dr. Morgan
I work in an administrative capacity for Adrienne Morgan and process travel and reimbursements for office staff. I strongly believe that each person has a right to live free from fear and oppression relating to their appearance, background, beliefs, or identity.
Clare ParkClare Park, DO (she/her)
Director of Bridge Mentorship Hub
“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and the most inhuman because it often results in physical death.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jose Perez-RamosJosé​ Pérez-Ramos, PhD (he/him)
Stigmatizing Language Workgroup, Chair
My role is to chair the Stigmatizing Language Workgroup in which we focus on addressing historical and current use of stigmatizing language at the Medical Center from a non-punitive transformative lens, using inclusive language terms and the development of educational approaches led by experts in the field and our great community members.
Teresa ShoellTeresa Schoell (she/her)
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Learning Specialist
I am part of a team of educators supporting groups throughout our medical center as they strive to become more equitable, more inclusive, and ever better - Meliora! In addition to being an EDI Learning Specialist, I am also a Certified Child Life Specialist.
OJ ShepardOJ Shepard (he/him)
Director of Medical School Pathway Programs
My role is to build and support pathways for underrepresented students in medicine. Fun Fact: I am a native Rochesterian.
Nathan SmithNathan Smith, PhD (he/him)
Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion in Research and Research Education
My role involves collaborating with faculty and learners in research and research education to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable learning environment where both trainees and faculty can thrive. I am dedicated to the DEIJ space as I aspire to inspire the next generation by demonstrating that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.
Traci TerranceTraci Terrance, PhD (she/her)
Director of Restorative Practices Initiatives
My role is a bridge builder; I am very relationship-oriented and creating space for people to experience a sense of connection both to themselves and to one another is important to me. The health and wellbeing of minortized and marginalized communities rests on our ability to engage in a process of awareness, acceptance, and action. Maintain an awareness of our biases, accept that they are always present, and take action by changing our behavior. The DEIJ space allows me to facilitate this process at both the individual and institutional level. In addition to being a bridge builder, I get to be an interrupter, and it is work that I am passionate about. 
Ellen WebsterEllen Webster (she/her)
Associate Director of Operations and Programming
I work behind the scenes to help support the daily operations as well as the programs and initiatives of the office. Fun fact: My first career was as a sign language interpreter, and I'm fluent in ASL and English.
Cara Wood-HarrisCara Wood Harris (she/her)
Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Curricular Design
I was drawn into doing DEI work during my early career as a care coordinator for LGBTQ+ patients. Exhausted by spinning my wheels trying to find safe and affirming proverbial needles in harmful healthcare haystacks, I began facilitating education on how to welcome queer patients and reduce the harm of homophobia, transphobia, and bias. This work carried me into continued opportunities to design learning experiences that identify culturally responsive care as integral to reducing stigma and health disparities.

Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors

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