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Our Application Deadline is May 31, 2024.

UR PreDoc Program

PreDoc Group Photo OutsideThe UR PreDoc program provides longitudinal experiences with the goal of promoting exposure to, and interest in clinical medicine for undergraduate students in Rochester who identify from backgrounds that have been historically minoritized in medicine. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) definition is "Underrepresented in medicine means those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population." In this area, those populations include African-American, Black, Mexican-American, Latinx/Hispanic, American Indian, Alaska Native, Pacific Islander). 

The program involves longitudinal mentorship with local senior physician leaders at URMC, local medical students and provide scholarly and career development opportunities.

How the Program Works


Up to 10 undergraduates are selected each year from any Rochester area College or University.

Mentor Matching

Program includes mentor matching with both junior and senior mentors.


Opportunities to network with group meetings, clinical shadowing, and a scholarly project.

What Our PreDoc Students Say...

UR PreDoc has been a very transformative experience for me and my professional development. The mentorship component available through this program has been invaluable in shaping my understanding of clinical medicine. The project-based learning workshops offered through UR PreDoc have been crucial in supporting my academic development. Overall I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance I have received through this program.

Justin Anderson, PreDoc Student

The Pre-doc program provides the opportunity for students who come from underrepresented backgrounds in Medicine to explore the outstanding world of the medical field in diverse ways. Throughout the two years of the program, I've had the remarkable opportunity to shadow in the neurology, Med-Peds hematology/oncology, and OB/GYN departments at URMC. These opportunities, combined with problem-based learning cases and presentations regarding different topics in Medicine, ensured me that becoming a doctor is what I aim to do. I would highly encourage students to apply to this outstanding program.

Elizabeth Garcia, PreDoc Student

I found the overall exposure to medicine extremely helpful. I've been able to make more connections (speakers, my mentor, the other students) and gain so much information about different specialties, applying to med school, etc. It's made the whole premed experience seem less daunting.

2022 PreDoc Student

Just knowing that we have extra support and people that encourage us is really helpful. I have no doctors in my family and sometimes I get lost because I don't know what step to take or just have someone to watch over my steps to make sure I'm taking advantage of any opportunities I can. That is a big one for me.

2022 PreDoc Student

My mentor will be writing a letter of recommendation to supplement my medical school application. Also, she and I received funding through the AAN to attend their conference and present our work there.

2022 PreDoc Student