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Chair of the Board Letter

I am truly honored to assume the role of Chair of the Board of Directors at St. James Hospital.  I have a long history with our hospital and have been with this new facility from its conception and planning to its construction and completion.  

We now have four years under our belts in our new, state-of-the-art center, and have overcome many trials. We have outstanding members in all departments, both clinical and non-clinical. Through strong leadership and an amazing, exceptional staff, our future does indeed look bright!  

We continue to bring new services to St. James Hospital and to our Medical Office Building.  We will see new specialties come to Hornell and Primary Care expansion in the future.

Our growth in all departments and both facilities has been exponential and not without its associated challenges.  We have however, maintained our high quality of care because we have staff that truly care for the patients we see.  We continue to recruit top-level medical specialists and nursing staff.

We have strengthened our bonds with our regional hospital partners at Noyes Hospital in Dansville, Jones Hospital in Wellsville, FF Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua and URMC. And locally, we are so thankful to all our community partners and members, our EMT’s, our Fire Departments, Social Workers and everyone who comes in contact with and impacts our hospital, staff, and Medical Office Building.  We live every day to fulfill our mission in Hornell!

Pete Wall, Chair
St. James Hospital Board of Directors