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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

We’re now offering COVID vaccine to our primary care patients aged 65+.  We are phoning patients in randomized order as limited vaccine becomes available. No need to call our offices or take any other action; we will be in touch.  Thanks for your patience; with 100,000+ eligible patients, it will take time to schedule everyone. 

When can I expect a call? How do I know UR is calling my phone? Already have an appointment?

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccinations

All UR Medicine patients will be offered vaccine as it becomes available.

If you're a UR Medicine patient: you do not need to take any steps and you will not have to pay. Please wait to be contacted.

When Will I Be Eligible?

Check the New York State website to see what group you are in and when you will be eligible.

I'm Eligible, Now What?

We will contact you via phone, email or MyChart to schedule an appointment at a UR Medicine vaccine center.

How Long Until I'm Contacted?

You are on our list! We're matching up vaccine supply with our patient database, and will contact you as soon as we are able to offer an appointment.

Where are the Vaccine Centers?

UR Medicine is opening multiple vaccine centers. You may also be able to receive the vaccine at state or county clinics, pharmacies and other providers.

Stay Informed

A MyChart account can help simplify communications and scheduling. Sign-up for a MyChart account.