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Ambulatory Day Surgery

Ambulatory Day SurgeryWhat is Ambulatory Surgery?

Ambulatory or day surgery is the service by which the hospital provides for a surgical procedure for those patients who require surgical treatment exceeding the capabilities of the doctor’s office. It may be of such nature as to require an overnight outpatient stay in the hospital, or more frequently, to be discharged within a few hours. Learn about General Surgery.

Why Ambulatory Surgery?

Ambulatory surgery is time saving for you, your family, and business responsibilities. It costs less than inpatient hospitalization. It’s purpose is to permit you to have an operation in a safe and comfortable environment and return home the same day.

Financial Information

Payment of Hospital Charges

Your pre-admission form will be reviewed to determine coverage by Medicare, Medicaid, or your insurance company. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted by our patient accounts counselor. If you do not have insurance coverage, financial arrangement can be established. MasterCard and Visa are accepted.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage or reimbursement, please call the Financial Counselor at (607) 324-8031.

Payment of Physician Charges

The surgeon and the anesthesiologist will submit separate billing for their services just as they would do if you were an inpatient. The procedure will be covered in the same way.


Your physician’s or dentist’s office will arrange for the surgery to be scheduled at the hospital. They will also schedule pre-admission tests if needed. You will be called by an RN before surgery to discuss your medical and medication history. Please call the OR at (607) 324-8840 to get the time you should arrive for surgery. You will speak to an Anesthesiologist the day of your surgery.

Presurgical Brochure


Please register at the patient registration desk when you come in for the pre-admission tests.

The Day Before Surgery

Please follow the instructions given to you by your physician and/or anesthesiologist regarding food, drink, medications, and any change in your physical condition.

Plan to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing to the hospital. If overnight stay is expected, a small bag with personal care articles, a robe and slippers may add to your comfort.