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St. James Hospital / Services & Specialties / Comfort Care/Hospice Room

Comfort Care/Hospice

In keeping with St. James Hospital’s mission of continually improving our quality of care with emphasis on the whole person, we have enhanced the services we provide to our terminally ill patients and their families.

Room 15 has been designated as our Comfort Care room at St. James Hospital.   This room is available to patients and their families who have chosen to receive comfort care rather than curative treatment and who have a limited life expectancy. Patients who meet the guidelines or are enrolled in a Hospice Program are eligible. Hospice may request admission for respite care or symptom control.


The Comfort Care room is a hospital room that is covered by the patient’s medical insurance or Hospice when certain criteria are met. There is no extra charge for the use of the room. If there is no insurance or Hospice coverage, a financial representative will work with the patient on payment arrangements.


Although not expected, we do accept donations to the Comfort Care room which are used to maintain the room and add items families have identified. If you do wish to contribute, donations may be sent to

St. James Foundation
7329 Seneca Road North
Hornell, NY 14843

(607) 247-2250