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URMC / Sterile & Materials Processing Department

Sterile & Materials Processing Department

Who We Are

The Department of Sterile and Materials Processing is a state-of-the-art instrument processing and sterilizing facility located at B-3540 on the Medical Center Area.

What We Do

We are a support service for the Perioperative Department, Wilmot Cancer Center, ACF building departments and local URMC clinics and Faculty Practices.

The Sterile Processing Department’s SEIU 1199 staff assists in the decontamination, High Level Disinfection (HLD), assembling, sterilization and distribution of clean and sterile surgical instruments, trays and pans. These functions are done by state of the art decontamination, HLD and sterilization capital equipment. Instruments, trays and pans are assembled, processed, and distributed to 35 O.R Suites, AFC units, and clinics. These instruments, trays, and pans are tracked by Getinge’s T-DOC bar code system.


  • Kind of Hospital: Teaching & Research
  • Number of Beds: +750
  • Number of Operating Rooms: 35
  • Out-patient Operation Rooms: 8
  • Total 2000 Surgeries: 20,000
  • SPD Department Size: 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Operating Hours: 24 hours, 7 days per week
  • Number of Washer/Disinfectors: 6 each, Getinge 8666 Washers
  • Number of Ultrasonics:1 each, MediSafe; 1 each, Getinge Washer; 1 each, Getinge Rinse/Dryer
  • Number of Cart Washers: 1 each, Steris 220L
  • Number of Steam Sterilizers: 3 each, Getinge 633HC; 1 each, Getinge 833HC Floor Loading
  • Number of Plasma sterilizers: 1 each, Sterrad System 100; 1 each, Sterrad System NX; 1 each Sterrad System 200
  • Number of Low Temperature Processing Systems: 3 each, Medivator DSD Edge
  • Number of Prep & Pack Tables: 10 each