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DBP Fellow Adriana Verwey Publishes Inclusive Recreation Brochure

Friday, July 23, 2021

Adriana Verwey
Adriana Verwey, M.D.

Adriana Verwey, a second year fellow in the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Program has created 'A Guide to Recreation and Leisure for All in Greater Rochester'. This brochure was supported with grants from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Special Olympics, and The Hoekelman Center. A link to the brochure can be found at the bottom of this article.


NHANES data reports that 35% of children and adolescents in America are overweight or obese. Obesity rates in children with disabilities is 38% higher than in children without disabilities, increasing to 58% higher by adulthood. This is a striking health disparity. Yet, for a number of reasons, weight status is not often discussed during medical appointments, perhaps due to comparative severity with other medical or behavioral concerns, or perhaps due to discomfort by providers on how to provide guidance regarding interventions that are accessible to someone with a disability. This is where I'm hoping this brochure can be a valuable tool, to allow providers in a variety of disciplines to have a resource available to give to families with children with disabilities to help guide them towards available recreation in our community.



Whimsical Bench Celebrates Tristram Smith, a Pioneer in Autism Research

Thursday, July 1, 2021

The late faculty member was memorialized during a ceremony and bench dedication. "He always worked with such modesty and perseverance that only the hallowed whispers of others when they spoke of him revealed his greatness," said Leona Oakes, one of the many faculty members from Neuroscience and Behavioral Pediatrics who spoke during the ceremony.

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