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Learning to De-stress - A Course For Neurodiverse Individuals

Course Overview

In this course you will learn proactive ways to avoid stressful situations, how to identify triggers, how to make personalized goals for meeting goals, and exercises for maintaining mindfulness.

You will get digital downloads for the video course content, and all exercises, plus bonus tips, tricks and resources.

This course is intended to be attended by both neurodiverse individuals and members of their care team so that through a mutual understanding of shared information a team can choose what tools they want to implement for life changing results.

Once the course in finished, individualized certificates of completion will be sent for all the members of a care team that have completed this course, Contact Mindful Tradition about certification via email, or visit the mindful tradition website learn more about mindful tradition.

About The Course Instructor

Kaylin McCarthy of Mindful Tradition, introduces participants to a practice of building a conscious relationship to self through mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises, and movement through classes tailored to meet a neurodiverse group or individual needs. Kaylin is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher through the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, is a social therapist who spent nine years living and working with individuals with special and neurodiverse needs, and is a HANDLE Therapy practitioner.

Course Video Presentation