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1-9200 Inpatient Medicine in Psychiatry 

20 beds

This unit is for patients with acute medical surgical conditions and co-occurring psychiatric or behavioral issues that require special attention and expertise. The unit is staffed with med/surg nurses and Nurse Practitioners who have demonstrated an interest in working with patients with psychiatric/behavioral needs. Continuing education is offered to the nurses for both medical and psychiatric issues.

2-9200 General Adult Psychiatry

22 beds

This unit provides care to adult patients ages 18-60 who present with an acute risk to self or others due to instability of mood, psychosis or self. The focus is on acute stabilization of the presenting symptoms. The nursing staff use an evidence-based nursing care approach to emphasize the least restrictive means to keep patients safe and promote partnership in treatment.

3-9000 General Adult Psychiatry

23 beds

This 23 bed adult psychiatry unit provides care and treatment for adult persons 18+ who require acute stabilization of intensive symptoms related to depression, psychosis and bipolar disorder. Nursing care on 3-9000 is provided on a modified team model of nursing care and milieu management while utilizing a recovery theory framework designed to engage the patient through groups and interactive activities staged throughout the day.

3-9200 Geriatric Psychiatry

10 beds

This unit has 10 geriatric/psychiatric beds for patients ages 60 and older with acute symptoms of psychiatric or mental health disorders who may also have some co-occurring non-acute medical condition. Evidence-based practice includes a comprehensive fall-with-injury prevention program that balances safety with mobility and autonomy.

4-9000 Child/Adolescent

27 beds

This unit provides care and treatment for children ages 5 -18 years with acute symptoms of psychiatric disorders or mental health issues. The unit uses an interdisciplinary evidence-based collaborative problem solving framework for working with the children and their families/caregivers in supporting their development of emotion regulation, social skills and flexibility while focusing on safety throughout the hospitalization.  The unit also uses an interdisciplinary collaborative model that utilizes components of Dialectal Behavioral Therapy to support adaptive coping skills and restabilization of acute symptoms while focusing on safety.

CPEP Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

The Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program is comprised of interdisciplinary clinical teams-serving patients across the lifespan with psychiatric mental health conditions. Triage and Screening (6 interview rooms); 4 Extended Observation Beds / 2 Intensive Management Beds. Approximately 8,000 patients are evaluated annually. A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is completed for each patient registered to this area. Intensive management of acute psychiatric conditions is often required. This is a dynamic environment with a highly skilled staffing contingent prepared to assess complex patient presentations in order to determine appropriate intervention and disposition.