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University Funded Pilot Awards


The purpose of this program is to foster innovative new ideas and team driven multidisciplinary translational research projects related to infectious disease and immunology.

2022 Awardees

PI: Jennifer Barnas, MD, PhD
Title: Human B Cell Responses to Type III Interferon
Goal: The ultimate goal is to elucidate IFN-λ immunobiology on human B cells and its impact on viral clearance and autoimmune disease flare resolution.


PI: James McGrath, PhD
Title: Silicon Nanomembranes for Waster Water-Based Epidemiology (WWBE)
Goal: This pilot project will test the hypothesis that capturing DNA/RNA bound silica beads on ultrathin ‘nanomembranes’ can provide a 10-fold increase in the concentration of viral genomes in wastewater prior to detection by RT-qPCR.


PI: Craig Morrell, DVM, PhD
Title:  Determining the Role of Thrombocytopenia in Sepsis Induced Monocyte Immune Dysregulation
Goal: To determine how platelets both maintain immune homeostasis and regulate immune responses at times of vascular injury.