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The Heart Transplant Team at UR Medicine

When you have a heart transplant at UR Medicine, you’re never on your own. You’re surrounded by a team of people who care about you and want to see you thrive.

We’ve built a team that is prepared to care for your needs throughout the entire process. When it comes to any challenges you may face, there is a team member who can help, whether it’s medical, nutritional, emotional or financial.

Our specialists regularly communicate with each other and with you to ensure we are giving you the best treatment.

Our heart transplant team includes:

  • Transplant surgeons who perform your heart transplant procedure
  • Cardiologists who care for your heart before and after surgery
  • Pharmacists who dispense medication and answer questions you may have about it
  • Psychiatrist who takes care of your mental and emotional health
  • Social worker who helps you and your family understand and process your diagnosis
  • Transplant coordinator who schedules your appointments and helps you understand the transplant process
  • Dietitians who help ensure you are getting proper nutrition throughout the transplant journey and educate you on the type of diet you may need to follow
  • Transplant ID physicians who provide comprehensive care for the evaluation and management of infectious diseases in pre and post-transplant patients. Their goal is to prevent and treat infectious complications.
  • Patients are important members of their care team. You will always be up-to-date about your treatment and you will be involved in the decision-making related to your care

Transplant Surgeons

Transplant Cardiology

Infectious Disease:

Clinical Support

  • Christina Cheyne, RN, MS
    Clinical Director, Advanced Heart Failure Program
  • Megan Dierks FNP-C
    Lead Transplant Coordinator