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Colorectal Metastasis

Our practice is dedicated to liver surgery including complex liver resections with a focus on patients with cancer.

We are also one of the first two centers in the nation to offer liver transplants for select patients with advanced colorectal liver metastasis.

If you have liver cancer that meets certain criteria, you may be eligible for a transplant, even if you do not have liver failure. This is a new life-saving treatment option that provides patients a better chance at beating their cancer - ultimately giving them a second chance at life.

Whatever your surgical needs - we offer the expertise necessary to handle the most complex cases.

Upon receipt of your medical records, imaging, and test results, we will be able to provide personalized recommendations and a strategy for your most important liver metastases care needs.

Start Your Journey
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For those looking to donate, enter the name of the recipient you have in mind or leave blank if you do not have someone in mind.

To help begin the process, please be prepared to provide the following important information. You may also complete this online form, and a member of the team will reach out to you. 

  • Insurance Provider
  • Height/Weight
  • Are you diabetic?
  • Colon cancer diagnosis date
  • Liver metastases diagnosis date
  • Treatment Facilities
  • Have you had a colonoscopy? Latest Date? Location? Location of colon cancer (right, left, rectum or unsure)
  • Has your tumor been marked? If yes, when?
  • Have you had your colon cancer removed? If yes, Date, Name of Hospital and Surgeon
  • Have you had a liver resection before? If yes, Date, Name of Hospital and Surgeon
  • CEA level at diagnosis, if known
  • Most recent CEA level, if known
  • Chemotherapy start date, if applicable
  • Number of cycles of chemotherapy received
  • Chemotherapy used (Folfiri, Folfox, Folforinox, Other, or None)
  • Have you received any other treatments such as HAI pump, Ablation, Y90 or Radiation:  If yes, type and most recent treatment date of each
  • Do you have metastases in your lungs or anywhere else outside the liver (Yes, No, Unsure)