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URMC / UR Medicine Labs / Specific Test Information / Semen Analysis Specimen Collection

Semen Analysis Specimen Collection


An appointment is required for all collections

Appointments are available at the Outpatient Lab in Strong Memorial Hospital

Monday - Friday, 7:00AM- 2:30PM

Please call (585) 758-0510 to schedule


For best results, specimen should be collected on-site at the time of appointment.

You should have an ejaculation 2-4 days prior to your appointment and then abstain until the day of your appointment.

Semen specimen must be collected into a sterile specimen container (available at your doctor’s office or any UR Medicine Labs Patient Service Center). Alternately, you may use a special spermicide-free condom that is not toxic to the sperm. This is available ONLY at the Outpatient Lab at Strong Memorial Hospital. Do not use commercially available condoms since these contain spermicidal agents that will alter the results.

For on-site collections, please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment.

For at home collections, please deliver your specimen to the Outpatient Lab at Strong Memorial Hospital no more than 45 minutes after ejaculation.

Keep the specimen as close to body temperature as possible. If you are unable to deliver the specimen in that time frame, please schedule an appointment to collect the specimen in a room provided at the Outpatient Lab.

Results will be sent directly to your doctor.

Please contact your doctor’s office for any questions regarding your results.


  1. If your doctor has given you a lab requisition, please bring it with you along with your current insurance card.
  2. Please fill out the form in link below and bring with you (also includes instructions and map):
    URMC LABS Andrology Patient Information, form, and map

How to Find Us

Driving, Parking and Map: Outpatient Lab at Strong Memorial Hospital