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User Fees

The facility is a non-profit research resource. All projects entail operation fees to recover costs associated with staff time, routine maintenance, replenishment of expendable supplies, and service contracts. Fees will be waived if problems develop as the result of equipment failure, but not for problems resulting from sample quality, quantity, or outside operator error. Users must have a valid university account number and a prior billing agreement in place before the onset of service-related activities.

For billing information, please contact Amy Roman.

Service Fees  
BiaCore2 $100.00 per day
X-ray Instrument2,5 $80.00 per hour
Mosquito2,4 $122.00 per 96-well plate
Circular dichroism (CD)2,6 $46.00 per hour staff fee, covers the time required for safely starting and shutting down the CD
AKTA Pure2 $47.00 for 4 hours
AKTA Pure2 $94.00 for 8 hours
Staff Fee3 $46.00 per hour
Vitrobot2,7 $45.00 for 2 hours
Vitrobot2,7 $35.00 for 2 hours
Vitrobot2,7 $135.00 for 2 hours with training
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Requires initial training.
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All in-person contacts will incur a half-hour charge up to the first 30 min and a 1 hr charge in hourly increments thereafter.
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Users will be charged a fee of $10 per 24-well plate if they choose to perform manual setups. Coverslips and some types of pipette tips can be provided. Users who supply their own crystallization reagents will receive a reduced rate.
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Users will be charged a maximum fee of $600 for any X-ray data collection experiment that lasts longer than 10 hrs. There may an additional cost for LN2 usage which can be charged directly to a users account through Airgas.
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The cost of Dr. Jenkins’s time for purging the instrument with nitrogen gas before turning over the CD to the user and properly shutting it off CD after the user is done. We track the users hourly usage to recover the cost of nitrogen gas and the eventual replacement of Xenon lamp. All new users should contact Dr. Jenkins so training can be arranged at the cost of the staff hourly fee. Users are requested to notify Dr. Jenkins of any cancelations or time changes 10 minutes before the scheduled start, or a $15 fee will be charged.
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The Vitrobot can be reserved in 2-hour increments and users must bring their own grids. Users using facility LN2 the cost is $45 per 2 hours, bring your own LN2 the cost is $35. Users needing training and using facility LN2 the cost is $135 per 2 hours.