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Structural Biology & Biophysics Facility


The Structural Biology and Biophysics Facility is a University of Rochester research resource located within the Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics. Our goal is to provide non-specialist and specialist users with access to biophysical instrumentation designed to:

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The facility features the following equipment:

  1. Bruker AXS X8 Prospector Ultra microfocus IµS sealed-tube X-ray generator
  2. Mosquito crystallization robot (TTP LabTech) or high-throughput, nanoliter-scale crystallization experiments
  3. Microscopes for crystal viewing
  4. Computers and software for structure determination and graphics
  5. Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) DynaPro Plate Reader II (Wyatt Technologies)
  6. BIAcore T200 for automated surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
  7. Vitrobot Mark IV (Thermo Fisher) for preparation of vitrified sample grids for Cryo-EM
  8. Fluoromax-4 fluorimeter then renumber 8-11 to 9-12
  9. ÄKTA Pure modular chromatography system
  10. JASCO J-1100 Circular Dichroism (CD) spectrometer
  11. Avestin EmulsiFlex-C3 Homogenizer
  12. GloQube (Quorum Technologies) discharge system


Dr. Jermaine Jenkins is the Facility Manager who is available to train individuals in the use of core instruments. He can also assist with experimental design and data interpretation. Dr. Jenkins reports to the Executive Directors of the facility, Profs. Joseph Wedekind and Clara Kielkopf. Operation of the Facility is overseen by a steering committee comprised of local scientists.

Recent Facility Publications

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Publications resulting from the use of instrumentation should reference support from NIH NCRR grants 1S10 RR026501 and 1S10 RR027241, as well as NIH NIAID P30 AI078498 and the University of Rochester SMD.