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High Pressure Homogenizer for Cell Lysis

AvestinThe Avestin EmulsiFlex-C3 is a laboratory scale high pressure homogenizer commonly used in research laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.  It can be used with a small volume of lysate and is capable of obtaining both the low pressure necessary to rupture E. coli cells and the high pressures needed to lyse yeast cells.  It can be used to make dispersions, emulsions, and produce liposomes but individual users will have to work out the experimental details specific to these applications but Dr. Jenkins can help with this on a fee-per-service basis.

  • The EmullsiFlex-C3 has a usable operating pressure range of 2000 to 30,000 psi
  • Multiple passes through the homogenizer at ~15000 psi will rupture E. coli. cells and more resistant cells including Pichia, and Saccharomyces can be lysed at higher pressures (~25000 psi)
  • Cell suspensions must be free flowing and clump free before putting them in the instrument or it will clog and damage the instrument and result in loss of precious sample
  • The minimum sample volume is 10mL (holdback volume of ~1mL) and the flow rate is ~50 mL/min and is independent of the homogenizing pressure selected
  • To limit the risk of instrument damage it is recommend that the minimum sample volume be 20mL unless the user has significant experience
  • Cold water and cold buffer can be used to cool sample flow path to offset the slow heat buildup that occurs during the homogenizing process
  • Dr. Jenkins is available to train new users
  • Users are expected to follow our instrument cleaning protocol and users are responsible for any damage to the equipment caused by negligent use